Monday, August 25, 2014

Video: 7 ways video marketing can grow your business

It is apparent that in 2014 and beyond with streaming HD video access via mobile, video, O.T.T. and desktop the online video audience will continue to grow! "Next to a face-to-face interaction, no marketing tactic comes closer to bridging that gap and closing a sale than video marketing."  
 Several factors such as increases in Internet speed (5G for mobile is not very far behind) and also "smarter" and much more powerful mobile phones/computers/apps make it possible to record, edit, broadcast, and stream online HD video with ease.
For more on how ‎video‬ ‪marketing‬ can deliver a client's brand message and can grow a business please check the video here as it is quite informative!:  
Video: 7 ways video marketing can grow your business  
- "We now have the ability anytime we want to broadcast our videos to the entire world, for free. The barrier to entry and the cost associated with creating videos has never been lower. So why are so few businesses taking advantage of it?"...

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