Saturday, February 20, 2016

Re: Feb. 19, 2016 - Kesha vs Dr. Luke verdict

If you don't see why this Kesha issue is a big deal, you're part of the problem. Yesterday's legal judgement sends a message to abuse victims that coming forward means running the risk of losing a lot and gaining little. What kind of "justice" is that?

Whether you like her music or not (which has NOTHING to do with this case), you have to give Kesha credit for her admirable bravery of facing the dilemma of coming forward, and potentially losing her career. There are people who have never spoken up and criminals who have been overlooked because of the repercussions that so often come along with fighting sexual assault. It’s time for these attackers to be put in their place.

Dr. Luke reportedly drugged and raped Kesha soon after discovering her talent as an 18-year-old student. In a 2014 court filing, Kesha claimed Dr. Luke sexually, physically, and verbally abused her for 10 years. 10 years!! The lawsuit detailed Kesha's claims that Dr. Luke had abused her for years, forcing her to snort drugs, giving her "sober pills" and raping her.

Stories like Kesha's are an everyday occurrence that don't get the media that they deserve and the only way to stop this issue is to expose it. Women (and men) often wait years to speak up about sexual abuse. Consider Bill Cosby's victims, some of whom didn't feel safe coming forward until multiple decades had passed. According to RAINN, just 2 percent of rapists serve jail time, and though it's somewhat easier to win a civil suit than a criminal one, nothing is guaranteed.

The fact that this court case has become such a drawn-out process — even for someone with celebrity status — goes to show how our judicial system functions in cases of sexual assault. By choosing to speak out about her sexual abuse she has given a public voice to all the suffering victims of sexual abuse.

The thought that a global corporate entity such as Sony makes in this case is quite perverse indeed. By forcing Kesha to work with her alleged sexual abuser (via completing her music recording contract), Sony's makes it perfectly clear their top priority is the pursuit of the almighty corporate dollar and not their artist's health and wellness.

The fact that Kesha is unable to acquire the distance she desires from her alleged abuser (by freely making musi)c and is still out of her reach is outrageous and degrading. Standing by Kesha is a stand for individuality and the freedom of creativity.

Yesterday's verdict of legally forcing a victim to remain involved with their attacker and Sony's efforts toward it is a sad day in the annals of "justice" and it's no wonder women refuse being subjected through the legal and emotional wringer of reporting sexual assault. The way the US justice system is currently set up, it is very difficult for a victim of sexual assault to come forward with an allegation. The time has come for a platform that will provide victims with the ability to report on their attacks without the backlash that so often occurs.

- #FreeKesha #SonySupportsRape