Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Investing In Your Social Media Relationships Means Investing In People

This open letter is addressed to several parties: 
  1. Those utilizing the fraud "follow me and I will follow you back" shortcut tactic of "inflating" their follower numbers.   
  2. Those social media users looking to purchase their followers.
  3. Those who have received a Tweet message from me saying they have unfollowed me and then come back with some form of #1 as an excuse. The reason I sent out the message saying you unfollowed me in the 1st place is because just maybe it was an oversight due to the Twitter unfollow bug  and also as my duty in customer service to see if you have a grievance with something I posted and for you not be afraid and just let me know.   
To whom it may concern:
Sorry to inform you I do NOT do automatic follow backs on any of my social media channels, so if you were looking for a way to auto increase your numbers please forget it. Social media and all relationships are about being social and NOT focusing on numbers. By implementing the "follow me and I will follow you back" "strategy" you are cheating at trying to get followers. It detonates a sense of neediness and desperation to be "popular". I nor should anyone else reward cheaters.
If the thought of having huge number of followers leaves you with this inflated imaginary sense of being famous and "accomplished" then you are here for the wrong reason. Here's some constructive advice: instead of wasting energy on this "technique" try to spend more time focusing on delivering valuable content. Again social media and all relationships in general are about being social, and this means actual interactivity with real individuals should be taking place. All proper friendships are about bringing something of  mutual value to the table worthy of meaningful engagement and friendship!
In your "..but you didn't follow me back" whine did you ask yourself why I didn't follow you back? The only  auto follow backs anyone should do is after careful review and deem if a follow back is worthy of it. These are some of the reasons I did NOT follow you back:
  • You are an automated robot posting mere promotional links to your website.   
  • You are NOT following the 80/20 rule and most of your status updates are of the "meformer" variety hence you really have nothing to offer of real value to me. Rather than annoying your audience with irrelevant content and boosting your own image always make it about building relationships abd trying to cultivate a community.  
  • You are posting quite sporadically and NOT necessarily active on the specific platform. This practice makes it look like you have the social media account just for the sake of having an account there.    
  • You do NOT stagger what you post. Please be respectful of my newsfeed if you can. Try a tool like https://bufferapp.com
  • You are one track minded, and do NOT space out your thoughts. People use social media to be social, they don't want to be subjected to your incessant online sales pitch. My advice is to throw in a little variety: quotes/reposts/viewpoints even if it is about the weather in your posts as this will make you appear authentic and human. As a side note this rule is meant to be broken for specific focused "breaking news" media source account outlets such as CNN - TMZ - FoxSports or MTV. 
  • Your posted media content/links are topics that simply do NOT interest me or is generally redundant from another account I already follow. 
In your quest for easy bulk follower numbers and supposed cheap Internet fame, you seem to have lost the skill of how to make friends. All relationships should be nurtured and valued. Social media is an interactive method of communication learn to be proactive and stop cheating for followers/friends. (Click here for 10 tips that will gain you real followers who will want to see the posts you will provide and become your brand advocates, on any social media platform.)
If you see social media as your path to internet fame, and a way to show off and say, "Look at me I have "a million" followers I'm so cool!",  I'm quite happy you have removed me because my time is valuable. I would rather spend it being social with those who invest in social media as a communication tool and not just simple follower collectors who think getting fast numbers is key. Quality over quantity is something we should all strive for in every breath we take.
Placing more of a focused effort to relate to your audience and developing a valued unique selling proposition "voice" and personality, may not be the fastest track to gaining followers but your followers will be dedicated legit ones instead of mere cheap "numbers" who are more than likely spam accounts. Having something to offer of value and appreciating your fellow social media audience with a human level of respect is what social media is about and NOT your "follow for follow" scheme tactic. Once others see this you will be worthy of a follow or a follow back and your follower numbers will increase organically! If after reading this you still feel the same way please use a search engine and search for the term: "buy followers" that is another cheap way to gain numbers with no authenticity. - #stayreal
Hopefully you will heed this advice and always remember my life motto: Life Is Short. Live Longer! Smile Or Die! ☮♥☯ NOT ☢!... 

Fernando Salas 
Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest: @FernandoSalasNY
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