Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rachel Zoe Celebrity Stylist and Alleged Image Copyright Thief

This story has been updated as of January 22, 2015 2:40 PM E.S.T. we would like to thank stylist Rachel Zoe for crediting the hard work of @papculturenyc by tagging the image creator in the picture on her Instagram account!...

Here we go with another irresponsible use of social media and alleged illegal image copyright theft by a celebrity for commercial business gain this time by celebrity stylist/reality tv star Rachel Zoe. Please note that before posting this blog post we (@papculturenyc the creator and legal copyright owner of the Taylor Swift image in question and I @FernandoSalasNY the writer of this blog) have given Ms. Zoe a chance to reply by leaving her various messages 1. In her Instagram comments section 2. via Twitter...yet she chooses NOT to address the issue at hand?! I mean maybe there is a misinterpretation on our part but we would appreciate the decency of a response. Social media is all about being social yet Rachel chooses to be anti social? I don't get it, would it kill her to respond? Photographers are out there working in the cold NYC winters for a reason, show some respect Ms. Zoe...
- Taylor Swift Photo by: @papcultureNYC posted on celebrity stylist/reality star Rachel Zoe's Instagram and Twitter earlier today: January 21, 2015 with no photo credit or even the typical ethical and respectable use of a social media repost app such as:
Instagram: RachelZoe

Twitter: @RachelZoe

Facebook: RachelZoe

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