Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Chopard USA Publicist vs NYC Photographers story in today's NY Post Page Six

 So as I awaken and check my phone, I see that NY Post Page Six editor Emily Smith is currently following me on Instagram: @FernandoSalasNY which I find curious as I have never met her and I don't regularly post there, so the only foreseeable idea that comes to my mind is she somehow has seen my story or Instagram posted complaint comment regarding Monday's Chopard (jewelery) USA Senior Public Realtions Manager Prerna Balani arrogant "these jokers... #MetGala" Instagram post (the photo was conveniently deleted but NOT before I screen grabbed it HERE).
  With that in mind I needed to scan the NY Post as now I have a gut feeling that it may be a possible item in the paper and as seen in the embed below guess what... it is! =)  OK I would also like to add that... 
  Today I have proven that what we post on social media is NOT just a game:
1. For better or worse social media usage is a marketing tool.
2. It is a representation of we are and what we are about NOT everyone should be dutiful of it's "message" and NOT just major corporations.
3. That via the power of social media no one is really invisible or silent.
4. Proper social media use gives us all "personal branding" power. What is the message we wish to instill on our "viewers"?
5. Social media leverages the playing field NOT just for celebrities like musician Lorde who has recently gone on the defensive against an alleged "stalker" photographer.
6. With the great power of instant social media on our hands comes great responsibility.
7. Last but NOT least and most important we should think before we post!...

Prerna Balani's Original Instagram post here:

Source: NY Post Page Six by Emily Smith - May 7, 2014 

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